Gulf Gases & Technology provides specialty gas mixtures to chemical plants around the globe. Trust our team to create a calibration standard specific to your process. 

Our Full Range of Services

  • Gas & Supplies for Plant Maintenance
  • Bulk Nitrogen for pipe purging
  • Carrier Gases and Standards for Petroleum Laboratories
  • Gaseous chemicals for water treatment

Process Analyzer

Online Gas Chromatographs and other process instrumentation require accurate blends to deliver quality results.

Our Full Range of Products

  • Zero and Ultra Pure Carrier Gases
  • Calibration standards
  • Regulators and Accessories
  • Tube fittings and connections


Today’s laboratory environment demands safe, effective, and reliable modes of gas supply. Gulf Gases has decades of experience installing systems scaling from single cylinders to bulk tanks. In addition, our team of specialists can design and install gas delivery systems in any size laboratory including the piping, regulators, and accessories.

Our Full Range of Products

  • Zero and Ultra Pure Carrier Gases
  • Pure Hydrocarbons
  • Calibration Standards
  • Certified Reference Materials
  • Gas Manifolds & Changeovers
  • Cylinder connections & accessories

University & Research

Gulf Gases & Technology stands ready to partner with you in your quest for advancement in education or product development. Gas products are consumed in biological, chemical, and physical sciences. We’re capable of supporting your requirements within your budget.

Our Full Range of Products

  • Research Grade Gases
  • Custom Gas Mixtures
  • Safety Supplies
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Certified Reference Materials


Whether it’s a new shopping mall or a 75 mile pipeline, we’ll be there when you need a welding gas and equipment supplier.

Our Full Range of Products

  • Pipe Support and Beveling equipment
  • Argon Turnaround Services
  • Welding & Safety Supplies
  • On-Site Gas Management

Metal Fabrication

Thousands of fabrication shops support our robust industry here in south Louisiana. We’re proud to provide the shielding gases, consumables, and abrasives that keep shops pumping out quality components.

Our Full Range of Products

  • Welding Gases & Supplies
  • Safety Equipment & Supplies
  • Hand tools
  • Machine Tooling
  • Cleaners & Chemicals

Leak Detection & Repair

Determining any VOC leaks from process equipment involves a partnership with a trustworthy gas supplier. We specialize in creating custom blends for LDAR contractors. Contact us for your Method 21 calibration gas today.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has placed stringent monitoring and reporting measures on industries whose processes create concerning emissions. Our team stays current on EPA guidelines so we are able to partner with environmental departments and firms as they navigate the ever-changing criteria. We provide environmental mixtures and EPA Protocol gases to our customers and work with them to ensure a reliable supply. Contact us for a custom CEMS gas solution.

Life Sciences

Gulf Gases is a provider of cryogenic liquids for many freezer applications. If your organization is tasked with critical cell or tissue storage then we can help! We provide bulk liquid nitrogen systems as well as portable tanks for facilities on multiple floors. Call us today for more information.